Game of Thrones

Brace yourself … to celebrate, take this quiz and see which Game of Thrones character most embodies your professional style. And here, unlike as in most of Westeros, answering truthfully is NOT optional. 












Mostly 1s


Ned Stark – you always play by the rules, and while you are respected by your peers, you have narrow conservative views. Being such a traditionalist will ultimately be your downfall. Loosen up a bit.

Mostly 2s 

Cat Stark – straitlaced and determined. You sometimes make bad decisions, because although you’re passionate about winning, your self-centric outlook blinkers you to the big picture. When you attend meetings your mind is always half on the kids at home (especially the broken one.) You’re a firm believer in people over technology.

Mostly 3s 

Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish – cold, manipulative and willing to betray anyone to get to the top. You understand the rules and use them to your advantage without being seen to go outside them (not that you don’t break them on occasion – you just leave no witnesses).

Mostly 4s


Arya Stark – young, fast and smart. You have an extensive network at your disposal and as a digital native you use technology to your advantage. You should probably learn to relax a little more, and it wouldn’t hurt you to occasionally listen to one of the old guys.

Mostly 5s


Khal Drogo – mad, bad, impulsive (and a little bit hot), your direct approach to issues certainly gets results but may alienate potential allies before they realise you mean them well.

Mostly 6s


The Red Lady – a little bit freaky, potentially inflammatory, but certainly effective. You have everyone on the back foot by making them very, very nervous around you.

Mostly 7s 

Jon Snow – you’re in over your head. You mean well but you’re naïve to the ways of the world of management and bluffing your way through it– you’re going to get chewed up and spat out if you don’t find a mentor or coach to show you the ropes. Try to strategize your career development more.

Mostly 8s 

Tyrion Lannister – definitely senior management material, you know what everyone – on every level – is up to. You’re sincere (to a point), extremely well informed and a strategic decision maker, despite the odd misstep. We predict you’ll end up in the big seat, but it might be lonely at the top.